E-mail alert service

Information on the processing of personal data

Please note that the Bank of Italy will only use your email address to send you regular updates of the website www.bancaditalia.it as part of your subscription, in compliance with the rules on personal data use.

Subscription to the service is conditional on your agreeing to the terms and conditions, and on your email address being verified with a confirmation via a link to prevent unintentional subscriptions.

Your email address will not be given to third parties.

You can cancel your subscription to the service by clicking on the ‘Cancel subscription’ link in the email alert messages or by sending a cancellation request via email to:

Having read the information, you hereby accept the terms of service.

Click here for further information: http://www.bancaditalia.it/footer/privacy/index.html


Bank of Italy, Organization Directorate, Via Nazionale 91, 00184 Rome (Italy), e-mail



Augusto Aponte, Bank of Italy, Via Nazionale 91, 00184 Rome (Italy), e-mail